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Chic in the city of Nairobi was a collection inspired by the Urban Women of Africa. This photo shoot took place in Down Town Nairobi or Nairobi’s business district. Utamaduni Wear has pretty African dresses, sundresses, summer wear, baby doll dress a…

Satya Paul clothing at the India Show in South Africa | Mizoram

Satya Paul is all set to sizzle in Johannesburg with an exclusive showing of ‘The Best of Satya Paul’ at The India Show, a blue-chip trade and investment.

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African Dress

Love all races: Traditional North African Dress

Below are pictures of Traditional Dresses in North Africa Algeria, Morrocco and Tunisia. These are dresses of the Amazigh and Arabs. Some famous Berbers are Abbas ibn Firnas (the first inventor of aeroplane) and Zinedine Zidane …

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Great way to get some shipping money for LDFA!!!!

Joann’s 2010 “Craft for a Cause” Contest Aug.15-OCt.30,2010 Hello fellow volunteers of “Little Dresses for Africa”, My name is Veronica Fay, and I just wanted to share some important information with you that might win $50000 ,$25000 or …

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International Day Celebration: African Designs

International Day Fashion Show

Dress Suit, Wedding Dresses & Tuxedo Rental in Jhb, South Africa

In today’s economic climate, it makes sense to hire clothes for special occasions. Save a fortune and look for the best shops for rental clothes in SA.

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Wedding Dresses | Eurobride | South Africa | Search Engine South

The hourglass wedding dresses focus on the middle body and as such are well suited for the lady with an hourglass figure.

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Little Dresses for Africa

I was watching a sewing show on public television a few weeks ago and there was an interesting feature about making little dresses from pillow cases. The dresses have been distributed to girls in Africa. Little Dresses for Africa is a …

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Ethiopian Dress and Coffee from Little Africa

www.madeinethiopia.net We sell every thing you need to celebrate Ethiopian Traditional coffee ceremony. Ethiopian Traditional Coffee dress, Ethiopian harar Coffee bean, Ethiopian Kolo or Coffee snack, Ethiopian jewelry, Ethiopian Kaba, Ethiopian Coff…

10 Top Tips on How to Have Green Wedding | Health news for americans

We’ve all heard of conflict diamonds and the devastation they have caused in certain areas of Africa. Ask your jeweller for a Kimberley certification to ensure that the diamonds are conflict and child labour free. Its not a full proof system but definitely … Buying a pre-loved (second hand) dress is a great money-saver and many charities have wedding dress sales shops, which not only have second hand dresses but shop samples too. There are lots of websites where brides …

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African Dress

Dresses for Africa

Grant in Action: Middle school students will work with Holland Elementary School Kindergarten and 3rd-grade students to collect gently used pillowcases and sheets to transform them into dresses for children in a Djibouti African orphanage using art m…

The Colorful African Dance Dress

Africa has such a fantastic colorful garb that is worn in dance as well as ceramony. Gatherings of Afro Americans sport some truely attractive wear. Hats and men’s clothing as well as the women dress in African tradition.

African Dress

Wedding dresses at Bride&Co., South Africa

Bride&Co. wedding dress emporium is featured here on perdekoop.co.za – wedding ideas and services directory. Bride and Company is the perfect place to plan the perfect South African wedding – with a wide range of imported and local wedding dresses. B…

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