Because there are so many choices, unless you know what you are looking for you may find it difficult to pick from the choices that are available. Even the basic African Cloth that the African clothing is made from is available in many different designs, patterns and colors. Traditional African cloth may feature bright colors and geometric patterns. There is also cloth which is colored using traditional Indigo dye and created using delicate floral patterns.

African ClothingTraditional African Fabric was always hand-made and many cultures are still producing African fabrics by passing down techniques, patterns and colors that date back thousands of years. Some of these may have changed after exposure to other cultures.

Often, men would do the weaving and women would be responsible for spinning and dying the thread. Tradition also dictated that the different stages of fabric making had different spiritual or religious significance.

The actual manufacturing of the products is done by using a wax-resistant dyeing technique on the fabric. Hot wax is used to draw the design on the material, which is then dipped in dye and does not penetrate the material.

They are not only well-designed, but are magnificent in color. These are so outstanding that one has only to view someone wearing one of these items to immediately know it is made of Dutch Wax Fabrics.

An African dress from this material, called African Print, is in great demand and worn by those on the higher end of the society. The bold pattern, together with strikingly bright colors, immediately catches the eye of viewers. Garments made from this material are creations of beauty that make a lasting impression on the viewer.

cta-red-purchaseWhether you want to find clothing for everyday wear or you are looking at putting together an outfit for an important occasion such as a wedding, learning about this particular style of dress and where to purchase authentic clothing items is important.

Ceremonies were a time that demanded a laboring and elaborate deliverance of design concepts that held the integrity and dignity of the occasion. Rights of passage for a young girl who has completed her initiation into adulthood would be adorned with everything beautiful and available.

This would be her first appearance she would make as an adult. A beaded bodice accompanied by a skirt with a beaded apron, leg bands and bracelets accompanies by a set of earrings would be her crown and glory for the event; and all the colors are vibrant and shocking.

No experience in the day to day living practices is complete without the blessings of African Jewelry . Jewelry was a way to project a positive attitude toward the creator and the life you live. Most often it was a direct representation of their religious beliefs and the prophets of spiritualism.

There are several different types of African Fabric that is used to make African clothing. One of the most common African Fabrics used to make traditional clothing is Aso oke fabric. This is hand loomed and may have beautiful geometric patterns worked into the fabric.

Because it is hand loomed there are often variations in the patterns and no two pieces of fabric will be exactly alike. Other well-known kinds of cloth include Kente cloth and Kitenge. There are others which people may be familiar with depending on where in Africa they come from.

If you are getting married and are a woman, you may want to look at one of the African Wedding Dresses, the Ariya, a four piece outfit that is flowing and beautiful. Men can find special African wedding clothes as well.

One traditional men’s wedding outfit is the Agbada. It is also very comfortable and is made up of a very long shirt, trousers and a robe which is worn over the shirt. This outfit is finished off with a hat or head covering. Again, African Outfits are available in Aso oke or other traditional African textiles and are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

You may also be interested in finding ways to combine traditional African clothing pieces with Western style clothes. You may want to think about having a shirt or a jacket made out of traditional fabrics that can look great when worn with Western style trousers or skirts. A head wrapping is also a fantastic way to pay tribute to tradition.