Each handcrafted, colourfully painted headdress is worn with pride and becomes an artwork in its own right. Makarapa literally translated means ‘Migrant Worker’ and gains its origin from the safety helmets worn by the migrant labourers …

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African Dress

Putting on Nigerian head dress

Seyyi Lawal demonstrating how to put on Nigerian head dress during International Nurses Fair

happy lady decorates: African Feather Headdress

I especially love the teal. Good for placing above a fireplace, on a wall by the dining area or at the end of a hall way. It’s made of chicken feathers and vegetable dye. Image from Elle Decor, African headdress from Tucker Robbins …

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How to tie your African headwrap

How to tie your African headwrap, headtie, headscarf, gele and African hat

Cross wrap–by request

This vid shows two cross wrap variations. Hope it helps!

Head Wraps « The Loc Diaries

Head wraps have transitioned from a traditional head-dress for African women to the catwalks of Milan and the sidewalks of all the ghettos in the US. No matter where you go, you will meet both women and men who adorn their heads with …

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How to tie your African Head wrap, Scarf

African Head wrap, scarf, headwrap, (worn across a wide range of countries in Africa). Visit www.dupsies.com for authentic African Attires and accessories. All made in Africa.

African Dress

Watch Black Sisters Revenge Online « brooklyn9634196

Tall Daddy was kind of a peculiar guy in that he wore used African attire, a sheik headdress, plump gray bread, mumbles to himself, and had a militant attitude. There’s one scene where he speaks about a number of things including the …

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ask_me_anything: Cultural appropriation vs appreciation.

It’s a lot easier to say that those headdresses that hipster girls are wearing are cultural appropriation, and that piece of African artwork that the white couple has in their living room is cultural appreciation than it is to explain …

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Gele Onile Gogoro

The Traditional Female Yoruba Headwrap: A headgear montage set to ‘Skentele, Skontolo’ – Music by LAGBAJA. (Lagbaja’s credit at end of slide show).

'Celebrating Women Artists of Color' offers a stylish showing of

Flanked by figures in African headdress, a mirror sewn into the vibrant fabric lets viewers see their own reflections framed by a declaration of beauty.

Painting in oils, Carolyn Chaperon combines watercolor techniques with a …

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To be honest, she should have worn the purple gown as a national costume to represent a “typically bad SA matric farewell dress” and worn the green gown as an evening gown without the head-dress and sea-green/blue drape. …

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.: Rachel & Shant- A Wedding of Global Elegance

Rachel adorned in a traditional South African head dress during her first dance. The guests were ecstatic! “We love the photos you have taken. You captured everything that was important to us in a very stylish manner. …

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African Dress

Chiwara Headdress « Ancestral Arts International Inc.

But they made one great and absolutely distinctive contribution to African art–the chi wara, or antelope headdress used in rites re-enacting the mythical birth of agriculture. This marvelous headdress is sculpted in a geometric, …

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African Dress