African Prints in Fashion: Prints of the Week: Military-Jacket in Kente

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Publish Date: 11/25/2011 17:00

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Kente Cloth-inspired

To start our activity, I Googled Kente cloth and clicked on “images.” I showed my son all of the different pictures and told him we were going to replicate the look of Kente cloth with an art project. He was game.

Publish Date: 11/12/2011 23:06

Paul Ndiho – Ghana’s Kente Cloth

one of Ghana’s best know product is Kente Cloth, a woven cloth most often associated with wealth and cultural sophistication.

Mr. D's ES ART at TAISM: Third Grade Kente Cloth Weaving of Ghana

This lead into a great presentation and discussion on the Kente Cloth Weaving of Ghana, Africa. Below you will see a copy of the presentation I gave to the third grade classes. The presentation was in a SMARTboard

Publish Date: 11/15/2011 12:05

Wrapped in Pride: Ghanaian Kente and African-American Identity

New exhibit all about Kente Cloth and it's importance in American and Africa. See a traditional loom, 100's of different Kente cloth and more!

Publish Date: 11/12/2011 22:05

How is Kente made? (4/16)

Free learning from The Open University — Weaver Nana Asante Frempong describes the details involved when producing Kente cloth. (Part 4 of 16) — Study ‘Art and its histories’ with the OU Explore qualifications…

Emblem of Beauty: Keep it Kente

Keep it Kente. Kente is a Ghanian ceremonial fabric made of handwovem strips of cotton and silk. It is traditionally a royal and sacred cloth – the cloth of Kings. Over time, however, the use of kente became more widespread,

Publish Date: 11/07/2011 0:11

Proprpostur: A Readers Gift

Before leaving Ghana Natasha's aunt had given her Kente cloth to take with her. Kente cloth Kente can always be identified due to its fascinating multicolored patterns, mixture of geometric shapes, and eccentric designs.

Publish Date: 11/25/2011 18:58

Who makes Kente? (5/16)

Free learning from The Open University — A focus upon the production of Kente cloth and the variation in weavers. (Part 5 of 16) — Study ‘Art and its histories’ with the OU Explore qualifications in Arts and H…

From Kente Cloth to Bead Cloth « Clara Ford Foundation

From Kente Cloth to Bead Cloth is a very unusual quilt made by Elaine Parker. This small 14 x 26 inch quilt is made of beads. Elaine wove the seed beads into blocks to create the Kente cloth, then hand quilted the piece.

Publish Date: 10/31/2011 2:00

What do Kente designs mean? (6/16)

Free learning from The Open University — What is Kente,Kumasi,African market,African cloth,kente,selling kente,making kente,textiles,Ghana,open university,ou_a216 (Part 6 of 16) — Study ‘Art and its histories’ with the OU www…

Master Kente Cloth Weaver on FSU Campus This Week | FSU News

Faculty, staff and students are invited to meet Thompson Avornyotse from Ghana who is a master weaver of Kente cloth. Mr. Avornyotse has woven cloth for …

Publish Date: 10/04/2011 20:48

Language Equality: Kente Cloth in Ghanaian Dolls

Kente Cloth in Ghanaian Dolls. Clothes of the Ghanaian dolls are made with kente cloth, native to the Akan people. From Ghana tens of dolls traveled to Europe by plane in Vladka's luggage with some others from Togo and

Publish Date: 10/23/2011 1:10

What is Kente? (1/16)

Free learning from The Open University — A look at Kente fabric, describing its significance and design. (Part 1 of 16) — Study ‘Art and its histories’ with the OU Explore qualifications in Arts and Humanities…


Kente Cloth is a woven fabric from the Akan people of Ghana and is known as the “cloth of kings”. Men usually weave it. Its multicolored patterns are arranged in a dazzling basket weave format. In fact, the word “Kent

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A traditional kente weaver, one of few in Ghana who uses ancient methods to weave the intricate and colorful kente fabrics that Hemma Fashions LLC uses. Hemma Fashions is a chic new clothing line that combines rich African fabrics with modern styles….

Government urged to support Kente industry : Ghana Business News

Nene Nuer Keteku III, Konor of Agotime at the weekend appealed to the government to give financial support to kente weavers in the country to facilitate the expansion and development of the industry. He noted that though

Publish Date: 09/19/2011 10:20


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A few pieces from the collection are very kente cloth inspired. Kente is a very popular fabric that is mostly used in Ghana and Ivory coast. Designers such as Hemma fashions, Mina Danielle all use kente cloth as part of their

Publish Date: 10/30/2011 21:43

How do Kente weavers train? (8/16)

Free learning from The Open University — A man describes how training for Kente weaving starts at an early age. (Part 8 of 16) — A man describes how training for Kente weaving starts at an early age. Explore qualifications in…

Kente Weaving-

Kente Cloth is made of silk and cotton. It is usually worn on special occasions. In the olden days, the cloth was worn by kings, and it is considered royal and sacred. Its history is rooted with the Akan people of Ghana, who

Publish Date: 11/15/2011 16:42

African Kente Fabric from Ghana, Africa. Kente Cloth smock on display! Watch as I open a postal shipment of an African Kente fabric from Ghana, Africa. As part of the development of poor rural areas in Ghana, Africa, the process of selling Kente Cloth online is available through VARAS. . UPDA…

Carols Ditty Kingdom: Handmade Monday and Kente Weaving.

This is called Kente Weaving and the fabric created is only worn on ceremonial occasions. It has taken me a little time to decide what to do with these 8" x 4" panels but I finally sat down and incorporated them into

Publish Date: 10/23/2011 21:27

Elle Varner Wears African Kente Cloth Dress for Her Only Wanna

Neo-soul singer, songwriter Elle Varner wore a haute Ghanaian Kente cloth strapless dress for her music video, Only Wanna Give It to You featuring J. Cole. loves how Elle added a bright orange blazer to

Publish Date: 10/04/2011 18:36

What are the functions of Kente? (7/16)

Free learning from The Open University — Looks at where and by whom the various styles and colours of Kente are worn. (Part 7 of 16) — Study ‘Art and its histories’ with the OU Explore qualifications in Arts a…

Scott Davis Anderson » Blog Archive » Demonstrating the Kente

The following video shows three of my students from the Vocational Department at the Volta School for the Deaf as they demonstrate processes associated with Kente Weaving. 1. Bless winds thread on to a shuttle. 2.

Publish Date: 10/13/2011 20:11

Kente P1, Weaving.wmv

The process of weaving the traditional kente cloth of West Africa.

Celebrating Black History Month with Kente Cloth | Africa Imports

No fabric is more associated with Africa than the vibrant colors of kente cloth. This fabric is instantly identifiable to African culture, and therefore is a big hit during Black History Month.

Publish Date: 02/04/2009 13:02

Kente Dance in Vancouver, part 2 BC 2009

A Celebration of Kente cloth as a symbol of Ghanaian culture by Ghanaians living in British Columbia, Canada .

incommunication: Kumasi

We also visited the Bonwire kente weaving village. Kente cloth is a type of woven, patterned cloth, generally very colorful. The different patterns have different meanings, and different patterns combined into one cloth can have

Publish Date: 11/20/2011 18:36

The History of Kente-Black History

Although Kente, as we know it was developed in the 17th Century AD by the Ashanti people, it has it roots in a long tradition of weaving in Africa dating back to about 3000 BC The origin of Kente is explained with both a legend and historical account…

Fusion Kelvar Kente & Ankara Print Bags | One Nigerian Boy

SCAD industrial design graduate Funfere Keniye Koroye just released these bags under his Fusion Kelvar clothing label using African Kente and Ankara prints. They are part of a soon to be released collection and which also

Publish Date: 08/29/2011 11:00

The Meaning and History of Kente Cloth in Africa

Yvonne Taylor and Wayne Kiltz talk about the history and meaning behind African kente cloth.

Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity Bonwire Kente Village

Today we travel to the Bonwire Kente Village. I've been waiting to come here since day one. Earlier during spring quarter, when we received our pre-departure presentations, one of our presenters brought Kente clothe. Since that time I knew I

Publish Date: 08/11/2011 19:25

Vibrant Kente Clutches from Yaa Ataa Bags | One Nigerian Boy

Using wax prints in patterns ranging from ankara to kente, they make not only clutches, but also laptop sleeves, phone cases, and hobo bags. Josephine Wiafeh launched the line in 2010, with the goal of bringing a twist of

Publish Date: 07/31/2011 9:00 How Kente is made.

This is a short video showing the process of making kente cloth and the final products.

Adire African Textiles: An exceptional silk Asante kente cloth

Superb and very rare museum quality Asante silk kente, early C20th, in the "mmeeda" pattern. Very finely woven supplementary weft float motifs in soft subtle colours on a muted green ground. Collected in the 1970s and in an

Publish Date: 07/22/2011 21:08

“Wrapped in Pride” Exhibition of African Kente Cloth to Show in

The brightly colored, geometrically patterned cloth called kente—made by the Asante (uh SAHN tee) people of Ghana and the Ewe (AY vay) people of Ghana and Togo—is the best known of all African textiles. In African

Publish Date: 08/26/2011 9:00

Kente Cloth Weaving

A weaving demonstration in Kumasi Ghana

Weaving Kente Cloth – Kpetoe, Ghana Travel Blog

Weaving Kente Cloth: Read the story and see 1 photos of a visit to Kpetoe, Ghana by TravelPod member palmtreez87.

Publish Date: 03/11/2011 9:00

Thank You for the Kente Cloth Ceremony Award, AMEN RA SQUAD UP

Kente cloth originated in Ghana, where it was worn by kings and queens and it has come to represent cultural achievements that date back to 12th Century Africa, according to JD Assistant Principal Will Dowdell, who organizes the ceremony. The cloth a…

Orange Kente Cloth

Kente is a handwoven cloth that is a long standing tradition in Ghana. It is woven in strips that are sewn together to make larger pieces of fabric. The intricate patterns are made by combining warp-faced and weft-faced

Publish Date: 08/28/2011 20:30

The Developing Tradition of the Kente Cloth (subtitled)

Dr Anna Aggrey, textile researcher, links the patterns, designs and colours of the Kente cloth to its traditional meaning and significance.